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Florex Insulation Co. Ltd., one of the biggest insulation manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, was founded in 1978 and is specialized in manufacturing excellent quality of Colex Polyethylene foam material and Florex Pipe Support. We have been devoting ourselves to industrial fields in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle-east and Mainland China for years.

PE closed cell foam filler to avoid temperature lose –COLEX

As one of the most reliable supplier in Taiwan, we supply PE Foam Profile with the finest quality.
Please feel free to contact us if you are searching for PE Foam with unique and stylish design.
Flexible and easy to install.

PE Foam Profile

Our PE foam filler is polyethylene closed cell foam with flexibility, which can easily fit to different corrugated types and render the control on temperature.

COLEX insulation filler is made from polyethylene foam, each micro foam cell is chemically bonded to form a tightly closed structure; therefore, it is 100% closed cell foam and will not absorb moisture inside to cause condensation in the cell. With the good physical properties of flexibility, chemical resistance and strike resisting, it renders the facility and durability on various industrial applications for roof filler .
We offer :

Characteristics :
  • Flexible and easy to install.
  • 100% closed cell structure of polyethylene foam to keep low water absorption
  • Provide various specifications based on different styles of roof, corrugated types and steel plate.

Diagram of installation :


Material properties:
1.heat resistance
2.acoustic insulation
4.thermal insulation
6.cold resistance
7.acid and alkali resistance
9.oil resistance
10.weathering resistance
13.high density
14.Shock resistance
15.Fungus resistance

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