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Florex Insulation Co. Ltd., one of the biggest insulation manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, was founded in 1978 and is specialized in manufacturing excellent quality of Colex Polyethylene foam material and Florex Pipe Support. We have been devoting ourselves to industrial fields in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle-east and Mainland China for years.

Polyethylene closed cell foam insulation tape – COLEX

Florex Insulation Co., Ltd.’s mission, as a worldwide Insulation Material supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality and a competitive offer, technology and flexibility. As an industry leader of PE Foam Tape, we can manufacture first-rate PE Foam Tape with reasonable price.
Non-toxic and environment-friendly

PE Foam Tape

Polyethylene closed cell foam tape is a flexible sealing foam, which is quite easy and convenient for any kind of industrial and insulation application.

Colex Self- Adhesive Sealant Tape is made of high-quality Polyethylene closed cell foam, offering the quick and easy way to insulate pipes, fittings and the conjunction of Insulation sleeves. This closed cell foam structure will not absorb moisture inside, which is able to control the condensation from cold and chilled water efficiently.
We offer :


  • Non-toxic and environment-friendly
  • Smooth surface makes the insulated lines clean and looks skillful
  • 100% closed cell foam to keep low water absorption and good insulation effect
  • Applied by release paper to peel off easily and quickly
  • Fit to any metal surfaces to be stuck in place firmly and long-lasting bond, no extra adhesives is needed

Application :

  1. Wrap Colex self-adhesive foam tape in a spiral around the pipes or fittings.
  2. For cold and chilled lines, just wrap sufficient amounts of foam tape around pipes.
  3. Avoid stretching the tape once it has been wrapped well.
  • Thickness from 3mm to 6mm supplied in roll and packed by paper box
  • Thickness for 10mm to 25mm supplied in sheet form and packed y poly bag only
  • Roll length each of 3mm to 6mm is 10M

Example of application: Anti-collision application on the support frame of window type air conditioner by using self-adhesive foam sheet COLEX Sheets
PE foam tape can be used to cover the gaps between two insulation sheets. COLEX Sheets

Material properties:
1.heat resistance
2.acoustic insulation
4.thermal insulation
6.cold resistance
7.acid and alkali resistance
9.oil resistance
10.weathering resistance
11.weathering resistance
14.high density
15.Shock resistance
16.Fungus resistance

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