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Florex Insulation Co. Ltd., one of the biggest insulation manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, was founded in 1978 and is specialized in manufacturing excellent quality of Colex Polyethylene foam material and Florex Pipe Support. We have been devoting ourselves to industrial fields in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle-east and Mainland China for years.

The design of closed cell polyethylene foam production-COLEX

We are a specialized manufacturer of Thermal Pad in Taiwan. The Thermal Pad is high standard and provides excellent performance.
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Non-Toxic & Environment-friendly

Thermal Pad

Thermal Pad, polyethylene base laminated with aluminum foil, is a good insulation product for heat and moisture isolation. The convenient, functional and easy application makes Thermal Pad be useful and efficient to isolate snow, dirt, heat and moisture from ground. Take a Thermal Pad on hand whenever go out for skiing, picnic, watching a game, etc., Never worry trousers or skirt to be wetted or dirtied, as it will keep you a clean appearance and good mood always.
We offer :

Characteristics :
  • Non-Toxic & Environment-friendly
  • Capable to isolate snow, dirt, heat and moisture from ground efficiently
  • Repeated use and economical
  • Free dirty to keep the clothes always clean
  • Easy application on any kind of ground
  • Packed by poly bag for carrying easily

Application :

  • Stadium - isolate heat, moisture or dirt when take a seat on ground
  • Snowy Ground and Bench - isolate the moisture to prevent the wetting of trousers or skirt whenever sit on snowy or wetting ground or bench
  • Grassplot - prevent the clothes from the contact with dirt or grass; always keep the clean appearance and good mood to view the sight

Size : 345mmx 345mmx 2mm thick

Thermal Pad
Each piece in poly bag; 120pcs (bags) in export carton. 

Material properties:
1.heat resistance
2.acoustic insulation
4.thermal insulation
6.cold resistance
7.acid and alkali resistance
9.oil resistance
10.weathering resistance
11.weathering resistance
14.high density
15.Shock resistance
16.Fungus resistance

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