Florex Insulation Co., Ltd.

Florex Insulation Co. Ltd., one of the biggest insulation manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan, was founded in 1978 and is specialized in manufacturing excellent quality of Colex Polyethylene foam material and Florex Pipe Support. We have been devoting ourselves to industrial fields in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle-east and Mainland China for years.

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Founded In 1978, FLOREX Insulation Co., Ltd. is one of the largest insulation manufacturers in Taiwan. FLOREX began as a company manufacturing chemical cleaning agents but has since branched out to the manufacture of various types of insulation materials.

We specialize in producing high quality polyethylene form material products such as COLEX Insulation Sleeves & Sheets as well as FLOREX Pipe supports. For many years, we have devoted ourselves to industrial markets in Taiwan, Asia, Oceanic countries and the Middle East. To attain the demand for quality standards from various markets and customers, we developed COLEX insulation products and FLOREX pipe supports that surpass traditional insulation materials.

These products are excellent for application for building materials and are highly appreciated by our customers and end-users. We believe that maintain high quality standards is not only meet the demands for our customers, but also the concerns of our end-users. With over thirty years of experience, we constantly endeavor to deliver reasonable and competitive pricing as well as high standards for quality and service.

Florex Insulation Co. Ltd

Insulation Material Manufacturer

Florex Insulation Co., Ltd. is an expert in producing Insulation Material, PE Foam and Thermal Insulation Material with years of experiences.  Our company is specializing in manufacturing Adhesive Sealant Tape, Insulation Sleeves & Insulation Sheet, Foam Tapes, Handi-Free Slope, Polyethylene Foam Material and Phenolic Foam Insulation, etc; all with superior quality and competitive price.  If you are looking for professional PE Foam Profile and Insulation Pipe Support Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Corporate social responsibility policy

Since its establishment, FLOREX has not only been devoted to the professional technical production of PE insulation sheets as well as different refrigeration and air conditioning, but has also built positive relationships with staff, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. Moreover, we are dedicated to being a responsibie citizen in pursuit of a sustainable future.  


˙Reduce environmental damage
˙Increase the value of clients’ enterprise


˙Made in Taiwan products
˙Strengthen environmental protection and energy saving
˙High quality

Guiding principles

˙In aspect about integrity, it follows the law, morality and balances the interests of all stakeholders. Hopefully, develop sustainable business to drive the industry and supply chain into a positive cycle with own experiences.
˙In strengthening environmental protection, it devotes to achieve environmental sustainability and continues to promote green factory, green manufacturing,
and green supply chains. Besides, pursues the most efficient use of energy and resources. Meanwhile, being willing to share own experience of environmental protection and take challenges of climate change though cooperate with whole society and academia.